Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Thank You

Mommy says that I should thank her friend Tina for writing a lovely post on her site about my site. She is an awesome mate she has two great blogs Mummy Diaries and Game Freakz .

The other friend mommy says I should thank is her friend Tammy for making me my badge and she made one for mommy's place to. She also has two blogs Mom Knows Everything and A Little Girl Talk.

They are two of the bestest peoples ever. I'm glad mommy has friends like them she deserves it. I want you to run on over to their blogs and tell them Max sent you.

Camera Critters

Camera critters is a weekly meme that Misty does if you want to see more or join go here.
This is me relaxing at our old house on our old couch. I'm not allowed on the new couch so I treasure this moment. Don't I look so comfy!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Look And An Update

So how do you like my new look? Mommy did it well she did it with help from Amanda from Blogger Buster. She has templates and tutorials for blogger and all kinds of helpful stuff you should go see her site. She is where mommy learned how to add a left column to her other blog.

Oh yeah and just to let you know mommy was happy today she said that the coon that I played with and made it die wasn't sick so I am just fine. Thanks for wishing me luck.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camera Critters

This is my very first Camera Critters mommy does it every week and thought I should join in the fun. To see more critters or join in yourself click on the banner above.
This is one of my two very bestest friends his name is Beauty and as you can see he is not shy.

This is my other bestest friend his name is Stinky we have been together our whole lives.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy And Daddy Are Worried

I know something is going on that's not right. Mommy and Daddy took me to the place with all those different smells in a small area. I don't know what it's called but I know they make me jump up on a wiggly thing and tell mommy and daddy that he is 75 pounds. Then they do something I really don't like at all they put something into my smelly spot where my waggle is and it's not a good feeling. It always makes me have to do droppings I really hate when that happens.But back to mommy and daddy being worried I got into some trouble the other night with a new smelly who was in my yard and he shouldn't have been.I don't know who or what he was but I know I didn't like the smell of him so I let him know it.This is what he looked like.

Daddy and the one they call the boy were out with me and I couldn't let this thing near them so I got a hold of him and shook him silly. He made some noises and daddy came and told me to let him go so I did because you should always do what daddy says right? Daddy made me go in the house with mommy and that's the last I saw of that awful smell bad thing.

But the next day I had to go to that place I just told you about and the man in the white coat told mommy and daddy that it's not good what I did. I thought I was protecting my family but I guess it was a bad thing. I don't know but now some lady took the smell bad thing away because it died and they have to see if it was sick and mommy and daddy are worried that I might be sick to.I don't think I am but who knows mommy told daddy that the lady who was here is going to call in a few days to let them know if it was sick. So I keep hearing mommy and daddy saying "I really hope that thing wasn't sick" and "just cross your fingers that it is going to be ok" I don't know what is going on but now I am not allowed to go outside by myself anymore. Daddy keeps giving me more luvin than before I didn't know that was possible.

So I will let you know what happens when I find out or I will have mommy tell you. So like I hear mommy say "keep your fingers crossed for me"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something To Show You

If you are a regular reader of my stuff you may have noticed I talk about my daddy often. Well I finally got mommy to take a picture of us together. This is my daddy and me as you can see he is giving me lovin.

Look at us aren't we just the cutest? I can't tell you how much I wuv my daddy. He makes me feel so very special. I am going to try to get mommy to take more pictures of me with all the members of my family and I will show them to you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look At Me

I was supposed to be looking at mommy so she could take a snap of my face for all of you to enjoy. But just as she started to click the button I got me a fabulous new smell drifting through the air.So I turned my sniffer in the direction it was coming from. I don't know who or what it was but I had to go see. But just as I took off to go explore this wonderful new smell I hear mommy yell my name to go back home. I guess I will have to wait until someone lets me out alone and see if I can track it again. I'm gonna make a new friend.....

Do you see my fancy new...... now what did mommy call it? Well I don't member what she said it was I call it my pull me along it sits on my swallow and whenever I am going to run off to find a new friend mommy or daddy pulls it so I can't go off. So I think it is a pull me along makes sense right? Anyway isn't it fancy it has all my daddy's favorite colors mommy took it from daddy's hiding place and put it on me to surprise him. He loved how fashionable it makes me look he told mommy "look how cute my puppy looks " I wuv it when daddy calls me his puppy.

Ok well I have to go now daddy is getting ready to go and he always gives me tons o' luvin before he goes and I sure don't want to miss that. Bye for now I will be back when I have a new adventure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Spreading Some News

Hello everyone sorry I wasn't around but mommy said "that BLEEPING internet is down" and let me tell you she wasn't very happy about it. She told daddy "it went down just as I was getting everything set up for the new site" See mommy and two of her friends Jillybean and Sassy have joined up to make a new site. Mommy and the others call it Treasure Hunt Thursdays or T.H.T.
If you like to hunt for treasures mommy says you should head on over and check it out. Mommy says to mention that there are prizes and that she is looking for blogs to hide clues. So if I was you I would do what mom says and go take a look. I know I am going there as soon as I get done here.I hope to see some of my friends on the blog roll over at T.H.T.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A New Friend

Hey I made a new friend today her name is Tatum
she is a smooth sable collie now I don't know what that means but I know she sure is prettyful.
She has started something mommy calls an Entredog
and I think she likes me cause mommy said she wants me to join it. So I am I mean who am I to tell a bootiful girl no. So maybe you can go and see her page and tell my new (girlie friend) that Max sent you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Technorati Profile

My friend Tina over at Mummy Diaries is trying to get this blog noticed so she tagged me with a Technorati Tag and now I am working on the claim.Technorati Profile She is a great friend you should check out her blog.

If you are into video games and reviews you should take a look at her other blog Game Freakz she is always reviewing X Box 360 games, PC games and accessories.

My Friends

This is my friend mommy say's his name is Lucky he lives at the end of the dirt path. He is a lot younger than me and he likes to play a lot. He comes over often we smell eachother and run he is my very bestest friend.

This is one of my friends that mommy and daddy won't let me play with. Daddy always say's I am going to get hurt if I play with him. But I don't see the big deal he seems nice and friendly.

Whenever he comes by to play he grunts at me so he must want to play right?He runs so much faster than me though when we play tag I can never get to him. He has a few other of his kind that follow him into the yard they are so much smaller than him.

One of these days I am going to tag him and then he will be it.