Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look At Me

I was supposed to be looking at mommy so she could take a snap of my face for all of you to enjoy. But just as she started to click the button I got me a fabulous new smell drifting through the air.So I turned my sniffer in the direction it was coming from. I don't know who or what it was but I had to go see. But just as I took off to go explore this wonderful new smell I hear mommy yell my name to go back home. I guess I will have to wait until someone lets me out alone and see if I can track it again. I'm gonna make a new friend.....

Do you see my fancy new...... now what did mommy call it? Well I don't member what she said it was I call it my pull me along it sits on my swallow and whenever I am going to run off to find a new friend mommy or daddy pulls it so I can't go off. So I think it is a pull me along makes sense right? Anyway isn't it fancy it has all my daddy's favorite colors mommy took it from daddy's hiding place and put it on me to surprise him. He loved how fashionable it makes me look he told mommy "look how cute my puppy looks " I wuv it when daddy calls me his puppy.

Ok well I have to go now daddy is getting ready to go and he always gives me tons o' luvin before he goes and I sure don't want to miss that. Bye for now I will be back when I have a new adventure.


Lisa said...

I love Max, he is so sweet!

Tina said...

lookin hot there max in your neck thingy! the ladies will luuuuv you woo!