Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy And Daddy Are Worried

I know something is going on that's not right. Mommy and Daddy took me to the place with all those different smells in a small area. I don't know what it's called but I know they make me jump up on a wiggly thing and tell mommy and daddy that he is 75 pounds. Then they do something I really don't like at all they put something into my smelly spot where my waggle is and it's not a good feeling. It always makes me have to do droppings I really hate when that happens.But back to mommy and daddy being worried I got into some trouble the other night with a new smelly who was in my yard and he shouldn't have been.I don't know who or what he was but I know I didn't like the smell of him so I let him know it.This is what he looked like.

Daddy and the one they call the boy were out with me and I couldn't let this thing near them so I got a hold of him and shook him silly. He made some noises and daddy came and told me to let him go so I did because you should always do what daddy says right? Daddy made me go in the house with mommy and that's the last I saw of that awful smell bad thing.

But the next day I had to go to that place I just told you about and the man in the white coat told mommy and daddy that it's not good what I did. I thought I was protecting my family but I guess it was a bad thing. I don't know but now some lady took the smell bad thing away because it died and they have to see if it was sick and mommy and daddy are worried that I might be sick to.I don't think I am but who knows mommy told daddy that the lady who was here is going to call in a few days to let them know if it was sick. So I keep hearing mommy and daddy saying "I really hope that thing wasn't sick" and "just cross your fingers that it is going to be ok" I don't know what is going on but now I am not allowed to go outside by myself anymore. Daddy keeps giving me more luvin than before I didn't know that was possible.

So I will let you know what happens when I find out or I will have mommy tell you. So like I hear mommy say "keep your fingers crossed for me"


Tatum Tot said...

Oooo he doesn't look like a good critter to have around! I hope all is okay and well with you Max!

Tina said...

oh im really hoping hes gonna be ok. trust his jab to run out on same day :(

by way mate, thanks for adding my badge and link too.

you should get yourself a hot badge here as well ;)

p.s You put game greakz instead of Game FreakZ for the link lol
is ok ill forgive ya xxx

Blondies Writes said...

Hope everything works out. We have a shunk around the neighborhood and I just hope it cannot get in my fenced in yard.