Thursday, August 7, 2008

A New Friend

Hey I made a new friend today her name is Tatum
she is a smooth sable collie now I don't know what that means but I know she sure is prettyful.
She has started something mommy calls an Entredog
and I think she likes me cause mommy said she wants me to join it. So I am I mean who am I to tell a bootiful girl no. So maybe you can go and see her page and tell my new (girlie friend) that Max sent you.


Tatum Tot said...

Hi Max you are very handsome! Cool you put up the Entrecard widget! Hey if you want, you can put up the picture of Muffit and the blogroll, too... visit my page for the code. Then we can all share each other!

Tammy said...

Even doggies have to have friends! ;o)

Tina said...

Entrecard is a cute idea. cant wait to hear more about it :)