Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Look And An Update

So how do you like my new look? Mommy did it well she did it with help from Amanda from Blogger Buster. She has templates and tutorials for blogger and all kinds of helpful stuff you should go see her site. She is where mommy learned how to add a left column to her other blog.

Oh yeah and just to let you know mommy was happy today she said that the coon that I played with and made it die wasn't sick so I am just fine. Thanks for wishing me luck.


Tina said...

look at you doing templates and stuff girl good for you youve done well ;)

Tammy said...

That looks fantastic! I'm going to make you a badge for here. Do you have a imagine you want or should I just use the header to make a badge?

Tina said...

i have grabbed your hot new badge mate. putting it on now ;)