Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Hates The Groomer? I Do

Mom and dad thought it would be a good idea to take me to the groomer.I on the other hand thought it was a very bad idea.

I am not one who likes to ride in the vroom vroom first of all second of all who are these peoples and why are they touching my potty parts?

The ride in the vroom vroom was not so bad this time but times before I got so worked up that I doo dooed on the seat. Mom was not happy to say the least.

This time though daddy had the windows down so I could smell all the smells and it made it better for me. The boy and the baby girl did not do as well though I had to step on them to get to the other side of the vroom vroom. You know there are different smells out each window and I just had to catch all the odors. That's what I do...

I stepped on the boy and then used the baby girls leg to get my snout out the window. The young ones were not at all happy I did this to them. They yelled Max "get off me" "mom he's hurting me" things like that.I really didn't mean to do it I just couldn't help myself.

So when we finally got to where the "groomers" were that's what mommy called them. Daddy took me into the building and talked with some peeps. Daddy left me and the peeps he talked to washed me and cut my nails and buzzed my butt.

Why would someone do that? Why do I need my butt buzzed?

Daddy did come back to get me and said "you smell so clean and fresh puppy" Daddy is so silly I always smelled clean and fresh. Just a different kind of fresh.

I am hoping that they never take me back to that place again I am going to have to make my other smell come back so all my outside friends remember who I am.