Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Thank You

Mommy says that I should thank her friend Tina for writing a lovely post on her site about my site. She is an awesome mate she has two great blogs Mummy Diaries and Game Freakz .

The other friend mommy says I should thank is her friend Tammy for making me my badge and she made one for mommy's place to. She also has two blogs Mom Knows Everything and A Little Girl Talk.

They are two of the bestest peoples ever. I'm glad mommy has friends like them she deserves it. I want you to run on over to their blogs and tell them Max sent you.


Tina said...

thanks alot mate, your so sweet, and thanks for the message Max, big strokes for you ;)

Tammy said...

You are very welcome my friend!

Imelda said...

was here dropped an EC.