Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Won

I have bugged mommy so much to go out at the darkness that she has given in and I have won... I have even started stomping my paw on the floor when I let out my loudest bark. I hate having to be so bossy but when you gotta go you gotta go.

Daddy is home he got here last dark time and has been spending time with all of us even the meow I get so mad when daddy plays with him.He is my daddy after all who does that meow think he is trying to steal my daddy's love. I'll show him later when all the family is sleeping.GRRRR kitty beware.

Well that's all I have to say for now

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mommy Won't Let Me Out Til The Light Comes Up

I wanna go out but mommy won't let me know why?

Well it's because yesterday morning she let me out before the big light in the sky came out and I went over to the neighbors. I don't think I did a bad thing but mommy sure does.

Here's what happened I had to go potty really bad and I kept bugging mommy to let me out (she doesn't let me out before the light in the sky comes out). This day she did cause I had to go so out I went and there was this new smell I just had to follow. Next thing I knew mommy had come out to start the vroom vroom and I heard her so I ran home and mommy saw me coming from across the street.

Let me say mommy was not happy she had a loud voice at me now I have to wait until the light comes out so she can see where I am.

It is just so hard to stay in my yard when there are so many wonderful smells to follow.

So hard to watch where those smells may lead me you know when you follow a smell your smeller is down on the ground. My peepers can't see where I'm going when my smeller is in control.

Oh boy the big light is on so I need to go out and well GO smell ya later

Monday, January 26, 2009

Need Some Pet Stuff?

Mom has been looking for some things for me and the others who live in my house she decided to go to this site called to see what they have.She found they have all kind of different things for not only my kind of animal but others as well. They have some fancy collars for guys like me. Cool toys and who doesn't like toys?

I love me some toys like this one hey just cause I'm a boy doesn't mean I don't like pretty things.

They also have things for the meows in my house like this

Cause they keep napping in my bed and I am so done with that..Hear me meows? Get your own bed.

So if you are looking for something for your special furry friend or family member go see what you can find. Oh yeah and mom says "they have some good prices" that must be a good thing or mom wouldn't have said it. Moms know all they are so smart Love You Mommy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First White Cold Stuff

I love to play in the white cold stuff see me here playing with baby girl we had so much fun. I ran all around the yard after we were done playing in this place.

Where I used to live we used to get a bunch of the white cold stuff here we only get a little bit. I have always liked playing in it fun, fun, fun.So I am going to go now and play out in the white cold stuff

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brrrrr It's Cold And Mommy Forgot Me

Something strange happened last night I got left outside for a really long time. Mommy said she didn't know I was out there The Boy let me out and went to bed and forgot to tell mommy. When she figured out I wasn't in the house she opened the door and said to me
"why didn't you tell me you were out"?

Well mom it was cold outside and I was trying to keep warm maybe my barker froze.

It was a very cold night here the coldest since we have been here and mom won't let me out this night because she said it is colder than the last night. I really want to go smell my friends with the white waggle they jump so high and run fast like me.

My daddy is coming home tonight he has been gone long and I can't wait for him to be here. I am going to kiss him and hug him and love him,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Game

If you have come here to play the game mommy says you need to go here Oh yeah mommy also told me to tell you did you go to each blog and leave a comment?Cause if you now my mommy like I know my mommy she WILL check to see if you did. So run along a make sure you did.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

R.I.P. Alphfa

This is my friend Alphfa we have been friends for a long time but it is with sadness that I must tell you she passed away tonight. Mommy tried everything she could think of to save her but nothing worked. Now my family is walking around with water on their faces and I am feeling the sadness. I hope that wherever she went to she will be loved as much as she was here. Goodbye my friend I will miss smelling you. R.I.P. Falfa......

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorry I Haven't Been Around

I know it has been a long time since I yapped to you I'm sorry (wagging tail uncontrollably) I just haven't been doing to much. Mommy hasn't let me one here cause she said "I have some things I am working on and need the computer more" I don't know what she means but hey she is my mommy and I wuv her so that's that.

How did you spend your hollydays? I spent mine loving my daddy he was home for a couple of them days. We went for a walk in the woods with the boy to show him how to use his new shiny thing dad called a survival knife. It was fun but a little cold out so I came back to the warmness of my home and cozy bed.

Ok well I am going to go my waggle is telling me I need to go to the place where all the smells are and let go some of my foods. See when I have to go potty my waggle puts out these wonderful smells that mommy seems to think smell yucky. So I guess I will see you as soon as mommy let's me back in here.