Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mommy Won't Let Me Out Til The Light Comes Up

I wanna go out but mommy won't let me know why?

Well it's because yesterday morning she let me out before the big light in the sky came out and I went over to the neighbors. I don't think I did a bad thing but mommy sure does.

Here's what happened I had to go potty really bad and I kept bugging mommy to let me out (she doesn't let me out before the light in the sky comes out). This day she did cause I had to go so out I went and there was this new smell I just had to follow. Next thing I knew mommy had come out to start the vroom vroom and I heard her so I ran home and mommy saw me coming from across the street.

Let me say mommy was not happy she had a loud voice at me now I have to wait until the light comes out so she can see where I am.

It is just so hard to stay in my yard when there are so many wonderful smells to follow.

So hard to watch where those smells may lead me you know when you follow a smell your smeller is down on the ground. My peepers can't see where I'm going when my smeller is in control.

Oh boy the big light is on so I need to go out and well GO smell ya later


Tina said...

go go go max play in the light before it gets dark again you cheeky boy!

Tammy said...

Hey Max, I'll distract Mommy and you go play okay. ;o)

SGR said...

Woof! Just saw your blog from entrecard. LOVE your blog template and would like to know how you did it.
I would like to invite you to visit my blog and be my friend and exchange links. Hope to hear from you soon. Woof! Sugar