Monday, January 26, 2009

Need Some Pet Stuff?

Mom has been looking for some things for me and the others who live in my house she decided to go to this site called to see what they have.She found they have all kind of different things for not only my kind of animal but others as well. They have some fancy collars for guys like me. Cool toys and who doesn't like toys?

I love me some toys like this one hey just cause I'm a boy doesn't mean I don't like pretty things.

They also have things for the meows in my house like this

Cause they keep napping in my bed and I am so done with that..Hear me meows? Get your own bed.

So if you are looking for something for your special furry friend or family member go see what you can find. Oh yeah and mom says "they have some good prices" that must be a good thing or mom wouldn't have said it. Moms know all they are so smart Love You Mommy


Peanut said...

I'z could sleeps in dat meow's bed, its just my size. I'z also likes dem soft bonz, specially if dez gots a squeakys it it.

della said...

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