Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me Out In The Lots Of Smells Place

Mommy took a thing of me she called it a oh yeah video so here it is

This is me out in the lots of smells place mommy was trying to get me running cause she says I run super fast but I didn't feel like doing to much running. I just wanted to get back in my bed and wait for daddy to come home. When the one they call baby girl say"mommy that's pretty" she is talking about up in the big blue so mommy shows all of you what it is. I'm just glad the big blue didn't drop on me like it does sometimes.I don't like to take showers.


Tammy said...

I love your bandana Max!

Eric S. said...

Max I'm glad it didn't rain on you, since you don't like showers. Next time try to give your mom a little action to video.

Boomer and Rusty said...

We wand video too, but mommy says the camera is broked.

Tina said...

yes max the bandanna looks hot boy! i think mummy enjoyed the sunset haha!