Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just Some Random Babbling

Gee it's raining today and I hate the rain it makes my fur all wet and stinky. You ever heard that saying "you smell like a wet dog"? Well I am that dog I get so smelly when I am wet.

Mommy has a hard time washing me I am kind of big and heavy so mom has to put me in the shower. I don't like the shower it is so scary in there all small and cramped.

I guess my trips outside today are going to have to be get my potty done and get it done quick.Get out and get in is my mission today.

Daddy left today he was only here for one day he was napping on the couch so I decided to hop onto him. He was so surprised when I started kissing him. Mommy says he is going to be away for a longer time this time.


Tina said...

i cant read your posts properly mate, i think it might be the dark writing on dark background xxx

Tina said...

i can read properly now. dont know what happened. the background was black and green writing before!

max sorry your daddy is going to be away longer. give him so extra cuddles and licks this time :)

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