Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Go Near The Vroom Vrooms

Mommy said one of the neighbors Basset Hounds got hit on the road yesterday and her family was sad. I don't know what all this means my mommy never lets me go near the place where the vroom vrooms go.

Mommy says "that vroom vrooms are bad for me and I am not allowed to go where they go".

I hope that family has learned to be like mommy and tell their other dogs not to go near the vroom vrooms.

Mommy gets mad when people let their animals run free near now what did she say? Oh yeah "I get so mad when people let their animals loose to go into the road" I hear her tell daddy this all the time it really makes mommy mad.

I am allowed to run free but only in our yard where we live the vroom vrooms are a bit far and I know I am not supposed to go that far. Yeah I do sometimes go to my friends houses but they live on the other side of the dirt not the hard place the vroom vrooms drive.

Well I am going to go take a walk and see if I can smell where my friends have gone

Smell Ya Later


Abby & Rosie said...

Your mommy is very wise to keep you away from those awful cars. No good can come of it. We also are not allowed out of our yard unless mom takes us walking on our leashes.

BeadedTail said...

Your mom is right about you staying away from cars. It bothers me so much to see dogs unattended by a road so you do exactly what your mom says and stay away from roads!

Tammy said...

Be careful Max! Mommy is smart and doesn't want to lose you.