Monday, September 8, 2008

Do Ya Smell Him? Do Ya Smell Him?

Do ya smell him? Do ya smell him? I do he's under there I know he is I can smell him. Memeber me telling you that there was this thing living under the wooden path? Well mom caught me tracking him under there. One of these days I'm gonna get him and I am going to play with him so much that he will never tease me again.

He drives me bonkers running from one end to the other I even dug up moms rose bush cuz it kept poking me in my waggle and it hurt. Mom thought someone else broke the bush but it was me shhh don't tell her. She will be mad at me if she knew. Ok I am going to go now I need to go outside and find that guy under the wooden path before he goes away for the cold days. If I get him I will let you know hope mom will be there so she can take a picture.

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Tina said...

i have an award for my furry friend. come on boy come and get it!