Monday, July 28, 2008

I've Almost Caught Him

I've almost caught him that hard to get thing that lives under the wooden path. He sure is a smart guy he is so fast but I am learning how he thinks. One of these days I am going to get him and when I do I am going to sniff the skin right off him. He has been teasing me for months popping out his tiny head for me to see only by the time I get to where he is he pops up way at the other end. We play this came for hours it seems.

Mommy has seen him do this to me a few times she just laughs she tried to help me find him one day but he was to fast for her to. Mommy told daddy to come and see this lizard that Max is trying to get. What's a lizard? Could it be the thing that is under the wooden path?

Ok I am going to go now I have a "lizard" to catch wish me luck.


Tina said...

yay you did it with ec! good for you. hey somethings different here im sure. have you done a new header?

i see you have an advert already. well done. hope you get some hits and comments from it x

Tina said...

i have an authority tag for you mate for here to help you out x