Monday, June 9, 2008


Mom hasn't been letting me outside as much lately I am not sure why.I think it's because now the big yellow in the sky makes me to hot.When mom and the two go out to go in the water circle she always tells me "NO MAX ! it's to hot for doggies outside right now"Mom loves me so much she doesn't want m to get all heated up.

Dad has been gone for a long time I am not sure how many days but longer that usual.Mommy was talking on that ringy thing saying something like this "are you going to be home soon?" and "did you get any pictures in Alaska"? Maybe it was daddy I hope he comes home soon I miss him so.

That darn cat is being alot better he hasn't got into trouble lately.He has been biting my waggle alot lately and his own.I think he goes after mine because he got bored with his own. I will get him for it later. I like to wait until mommy is just about to fall asleep and then I leap off the bed and chase those darn kittys. I know it makes mommy a little angry but it is so worth it because those darn cat's never see me coming then.


Tina said...

noticed you had this blog, so thought ild hop ova here for a change!

Love the cute animals. Hey you should defo get this one up on entrecard too x

Wilma said...

My best friend was a Mx, he too was a german shepherd.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
I'll add you in my friends.

Reader Wil said...

What a lovely post and well told! You have a gift to tell stories.
Have a great weekend!