Saturday, February 16, 2008

About Me

Let me introduce myself my name is Max I am 9 years old and they say I am of German Shepard decent with a little bit of something they are not quite sure of mixed in with it.I don't know what that means but if they say so they are the people and I am the dog so it must be true. I have a good life I am loved by all even the other creatures living in my home. Let me tell you there are alot of them here to but I will talk about them a bit later for now let's get back to me.

I have a daddy,mommy,one they call the boy and another that has several names but the one I hear the most is baby girl. I was a little jealous of that one when it first came to my home but now not so much I get lots of treats from it. I like to run out where all the smells are I have some friends out there I try to play with them but they like to make a funny noise at me then they all run off I am not sure why they wont play with me. I have heard mommy tell daddy that Max was chasing deer again today but I wasn't chasing them I only wanted to play.

I have the most comfortable bed the only problem is mommy and daddy like to sleep in it to. Sometimes a couple of the other creatures that live here in my home also like to sleep in my bed. But it's ok they don't get in my way so much. More to come right now I am going to take a nap and I will be back later to tell you more.

Ok my nap is over and I am ready to go on with my story. I have been with my family since I was only 12 weeks old we used to live somewhere different or at least that is what I think because before I only had this little bit of running space and now I have like a whole universe to play in. I also now have new friends to play with ones I have never smelled before. Also before there was this metal barrier that I could never get past,well one time I jumped over it and daddy was not very happy about it. But anyway it isn't there any more and I can go much further now.When I look across the street I see these big giant 4 legged things that I have never seen or smelled before. They have really long legs and a tail that is way longer and bushier than mine. They sometimes carry their daddy around on their backs, I wish I could do that for my daddy but oh well.

There are a few other members to my family now I was told by a friend a long time ago that I am not supposed to have these as my friends but I do they are cats. I love my two kitty cats I clean them and smell them and play with them all the time. The first one they call stinky I don't know why I think he smells wonderful but I hear mommy say all the time man stinky smells so bad. Only mommy,me and the other cat know what he smells like because for some reason he doesn't like daddy and the boy. He runs and hides whenever they come near him.

But he is cool Stinky and I have been together since we were both young. He is my BFF we like to lay together sometimes and he really likes to rub himself all over me. I don't mind it he is very soft.

This is another one of the other family members his name is Beauty daddy and mommy thought he was a girl when they got him so that is how he got that name. He is always in trouble he is a few years younger than me and Stinky so he likes to get into things. Beauty as you can see has a few girlfriends the redhead is his old one he just keeps her around for a backup. I like Beauty most of the time but we do fight sometimes he gets a bit of an attitude. Sometimes I can be asleep on the bed and he will come in and yell at me and make me move (he scares me) I have all of the others who live in my house all along the sides of my page. If you want to see them and see all the other friends I have made since I have been writing.